Become a grape-grower

Because we don’t improvise to be a grape-grower, it is essential to be well accompanied and advised when looking for a vineyard and during the installation.

Realize your dream

Becoming a grape-grower requires a total physical, professional and patrimonial investment. A challenge that you are ready and rather eager to meet in your dream: owning your winery and selling your own wine. A dream that you can touch with your fingers, otherwise requires a good knowledge of the viticulture, wine-making and the selling of wine.

The specialists at your service

David and his team accompany you in the definition of your project and in search of your future winery. Then come the winemakers and viticulture consultants, who bring you their expertise in viticulture and winemaking phases:   

  • Viticulture
  • Biodynamic vineyard management, organic farming
  • Ploughing by the horses
  • Oenology, winemaking
  • Establishing relations with experts, suppliers, and grape-growers