Selling your winery

Our mission: to estimate your winery at its right price, to find you potential buyers and carry out the negotiations in the right way.

Free estimation of your winery

Are you planning to sell your winery, and want a precise estimation? The geographical situation and the environment, the specifications, the age of vines, the grape varieties, the density and the state, the economic profitability … All elements should be taken into account. We go to estimate your winery for free. Then we send you a detailed estimation about its value.

A personnalized approach

Firstly, we propose you to sign a search mandate. This type of mandate makes you involved in less than a traditional sales mandate: you are free to refuse a buyer, even if the buyer proposes to pay the labelling price. The search mandate is, of course, non-exclusive.
Then we only present your winery to potential buyers whose lifestyle, desires and expectations are in tune with your property.

Guaranteed discretion

We guarantee you the most discretion: if you do not want your winery appear on the internet, we can promise no advertisments at all. You can also ask no photos on ads, in France and also the foreign countries. You choose the degree of privacy of the sale.