Becoming a farmer

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We propose you to contact one of our vineyard investors who enables you to launch or develop your business.

Starting as a farmer

You are a farmer and want to settle down in the wine sector? You even found the ideal property, but unfortunately it was out of your budget?

We can help you get in touch with an investor who are ready to acquire these vineyards and then can rent them to you, by the tenancy contract. You can start your activity, while being well accompanied financially.

Becoming a farmer on your own vineyard

You have already your own vines, but need financing, either for saving your cash flow or for the purpose of developing your business?

We propose you to sell – for a limited period – a few plots of your vineyard to one of our investors, and thus remain farmer on your vineyards.

Becoming a farmer on the surrounding plots

One of your neighbors wants to sell some plots of vines that interests you, otherwise, you do not want to or can not invest in your name ?

We suggest you to have these plots purchased by one of our vineyard investors, and sign a tenancy contract with him/her. It’s a way to develop your business in all serenity.